Anxiety Disorders

It's normal to have anxiety.

We all feel nervous to tackle certain things. But Anxiety Disorders go beyond this and make it difficult to get through your day. Anxiety Disorders are a mental health condition and can interfere with your ability to function, cause you to overact at certain triggers and even lose control of your responses in situations.
You may feel fear or dread, and it can affect you physically through sweating, pounding heartbeat and even panic attacks. There are several types of Anxiety Disorders, and fortunately, many more effective treatments available at Palm Tree Clinic.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

With a Generalised Anxiety Disorder, you may feel extreme and unrealistic worry and tension — even if there’s nothing to trigger these feelings. Most days, you may worry a lot about your health, work, school, relationships and more.

You might feel like you’re always worrying about something. A Generalised Anxiety Disorder can manifest in physical symptoms like restlessness, difficulty concentrating and sleeping problems.

Panic Disorder

If you have a Panic Disorder, you experience intense, sudden panic attacks. This is a feeling of terror and could start suddenly and unexpectedly or it could come from a trigger, like facing a situation you dread. Panic attacks can often resemble heart attacks.
You could experience sweating, heart palpitations, chest pain and a feeling of choking. Panic attacks can be incredibly upsetting for you and the people around you. You could feel anxious about when your next panic attack could happen.


If you have a Phobia, you have an intense fear of a situation or object. Sometimes these fears are common and make sense, like a fear of snakes.
Like with other Anxiety Disorders, you may spend a lot of time trying to avoid situations that may trigger your phobia. Sometimes, a Phobia may cause you to avoid everyday situations.