Stress Disorders

Stress is an individual feeling.

Stress is a conscious or unconscious psychological feeling or physical condition that comes from pressure. These pressures can be positive or negative, physical, or mental and overwhelm your adaptive capacities.
Stress-Related Disorders can include mental health disorders involving an atypical response to both short and long-term anxiety due to physical, mental, or emotional stress. Essentially, a Stress-Related Disorder can occur when something happens and you’re unable to cope. At Palm Tree Clinic we can help you recover and give you the tools to develop.

Acute Stress Disorder.

Most of us feel stress temporarily. It’s an individual feeling, meaning we all handle it differently based on the novelty, rate, intensity, duration, or how we interpret it. Genetic or experiential factors can play a part. Both acute and chronic stress can heighten your changes of morbidity due to anxiety disorders.
An Acute Stress Disorder means you don’t have any other apparent psychiatric disorders and it happens in response to exceptional physical or psychological stress. This could be an overwhelming traumatic experience or sudden change like a bereavement. While it is serious, it usually subsides in a few hours or days. Your vulnerability and coping capacity play a role. Not everyone who experiences exceptional stress develops symptoms.