Relationship Issues

We all have relationships.

At most, we are involved romantically with a partner or spouse, but also with our families, friends, and work colleagues. Relationships require work and only succeed when you find shared ground, commit to one another, and overcome challenges.
Issues in relationships are common, but there are several tried-and-true methods for dealing with them, many of which are explored at Palm Tree Clinic.

Methods for dealing with a relationship.


If you can master communication, you’ll be less likely to experience other common relationship problems. Effective, honest communication is essential to relationship success. Different people communicate differently but regardless of communication style, relationships need ongoing communication to work.


Debates and disagreements are healthy and important for self-expression. But when arguments turn spiteful and hurtful, they don’t serve a purpose. To avoid this, you need to make time to discuss issues before they become problems.

Staying Close

Over time, relationships change. People age, grow, adapt, and are altered by their life experiences. What used to seem most important might not be anymore. To stay close, you need to talk and be honest about how your relationship will change too.


It plays a role in many relationships like family, marriage, and work. Many people disagree about finances and financial pressure can be detrimental to relationships when not addressed. Like all things in relationships, money needs open and honest communication.


Trauma events have a profound effect on many relationships. This could be the death of a loved one, financial strain, disease diagnosis, chronic stress, or past abuse. Trauma can emotionally and physically affect the health of both people in a relationship.

Showing Gratitude

We all like to feel appreciated and valued. Sometimes this comes from your career and other times from the people in your life who you take care of. Expressing appreciation within a relationship means you both feel your contribution is valued. You need to express appreciation genuinely and often.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship and it is earned, over time. If you’re questioning whether you can trust someone, communication is key to figuring out if there's a reason for concern. The good news is that you can overcome trust issues in a relationship, even when trust has been broken.


Feeling safe in your relationships is important. Verbal, emotional, or physical abuse cannot be tolerated in any relationship and should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.