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A small psychiatric clinic with heart.
Your path to healing starts here.

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    Mental health has never been more important.

    For over 12 years, Palm Tree Clinic had helped hundreds of people reclaim their mental health and sense of self through individualised psychiatric care.

    If you are struggling with mental illness we can help change your life for the better, by giving you the tools to recover and develop.

    Our small private clinic is based in Cape Town

    We only treat a handful of people at a time, which means our care is always personalised and attentive.

    The Palm Tree Clinic teamis made up of a diverse range of healthcare professionals, to ensure the whole you is considered. You’ll spend time with our psychiatrists counsellors, nurses, OT and dieticians on your journey to recovery.

    Find out how we can start that journey together by getting in touch with the admissions team.

    We can help with:

    Anxiety Disorders

    including general anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

    Mood Disorders

    including bipolar and depression.

    Adjustment Disorders

    Including those associated with sexuality & identity.

    Personality Disorders

    including borderline, narcissistic, and other personality disorders

    Stress Disorders

    including acute stress disorder

    Trauma Disorders

    including post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Psychotic Disorders

    including schizophrenia and other medical and substance-induced psychosis.

    Eating Issues

    including obesity and compulsive eating.

    Substance Use

    including drugs, alcohol, and other substances

    Relationship Issues

    including those with your partner, family, and work colleagues.

    Helping you change your
    life for the better.

    What makes us different:

    Personalised Programmes

    Your experience of mental illness will be different from someone else's, so we treat every person at Palm Tree Clinic differently.